Global Leader for Young Children

Whilst working for the police, I was aware of the power and opportunities I had to touch hearts and minds of small children and young people. From inspiring children as ‘a hero in a uniform’ to mentoring of young people and steering them towards new career paths; I have always been keen on using my influence to help little members of our society.

When I have heard, for the first time, about the opportunity offered by a World Forum Foundation through their Global Leaders programme; it didn’t think twice about applying.

“Global Leaders for Young Children is a World Forum Foundation project with the goal of improving life chances for young children by developing early childhood leaders who can become effective change agents and advocates for quality early childhood development in their home countries and regions.” (

In April 2019, I have attended World Forum on Early Care and Education in Macau. I found the Forum an unforgettable experience; meeting amazing people from all around the world, learning from prominent Leaders and inspiring caregivers and learning to new skills.


The next few months I will dedicate to studying SECD (Science of Early Childhood Development) and then I will start developing an innovative project to help children all around the world. To be continued …

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